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Solace Cyber is the cyber security division of Solace Global. We are ransomware experts, specialising in digital forensics and incident response.

Experiencing Ransomware or Cyber Breach?

Response time is everything when you are under attack. If you have been breached or have an urgent matter, contact us immediately.

What We Do

As a regonised Assured Service Provider by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), Solace Cyber provide comprehensive cyber risk management services that are designed to Protect, Detect & Mitigate cyber security threats across the UK.  

With a combined heritage in the cyber security, cyber leadership and risk management industries, Solace Cyber have the capability to inherit operational ownership of all facets within an IT security architecture and simplify cyber security for your business. 

In addition to the managed security offerings, Solace Cyber deliver several tactical, one-time solutions that provide an evaluation of risk, as well as projects to remediate current weaknesses in IT security posture.

Contact our team now if you think you are experiencing a ransomware attack. Call us on 01202 308818.  

Our Process

Solace Cyber has a six-step process for resolving ransomware attacks. The process has proven to be efficient and effective, having helped hundreds of businesses with successful incident response recoveries.  

Once we have arrived on-site, we will start with an onboarding process, which will allow us to get a comprehensive understanding of what has happened and start creating Incident Response Action Plans.  

From there, our Digital Forensic Incident Response (DFIR) teams will examine the breach, identifying vulnerabilities, attack vectors, data loss, and system impacts. During this process, we make sure to handle the data of the attack appropriately, not overwriting it, so that the forensics can be used for prosecution or insurance claims. 

Having assessed the breach, our on-site and remote teams will immediately start taking action to limit damage and stop the spread of the attack.  

When the teams are confident that the breach has been contained, they will eliminate the root cause of the incident, start restoring any affected systems and secure data, where possible.  

After the incident, Solace Cyber will provide you with a full written report, thoroughly examining the response and recovery and completing an offboarding process. We will work with you to assess our response and identify any areas of our service that could be improved. 

Benefits Of Working With Us

Solace Cyber offers unrivalled expertise and swift solutions to ransomware threats. If you choose to work with us, you will benefit from:  

  • Same-day response - we will dispatch one of our teams to your site the same day that you engage us.  

  • 24/7 monitoring - as part of our response, you will receive access to fully funded risk mitigation technologies and 24/7 Security Operation Centre (SOC) services

  • Digital forensics - Our team will deploy forensic tools to collect and analysis pertinent digital evidence that can then be used to support legal proceedings

  • Expertise and experience - Our specialist teams leverage a wealth of collective experience to enable them to proficiently respond to ransomware attacks

  • Nationwide coverage - Our scope of support extends the full breadth of the UK, with teams available for deployment the same day a breach call is received

  • Highly accredited - Solace Cyber Ransomware Recovery is an approved partner for the NCSC and has several ISO accreditations


Concerned about a ransomware attack? Act fast! Contact Solace Cyber now for immediate assistance and expert guidance. Don't wait—call us to safeguard your data and tackle ransomware threats head-on. 

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Solace Cyber, part of Solace Global, helps companies across the UK recover from ransomware attacks and data breaches.

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