Cl0p Ransomware

Believed to be a Russian-language cyber gang, Cl0p is infamous for several attacks on large organisations since 2019.  

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What Will Happen With A Cl0p Ransomware Attack?

Cl0p ransomware appears to use the same ‘steal, encrypt, and leak’ tactics as many other ransomware groups.  

Cl0P typically uses widespread malicious email campaigns to find possible corporate targets. However, new evidence shows they're also exploiting weaknesses in public-facing systems to enter victim networks. 

It is believed that Cl0p campaigns are sent during the work week to give the recipient time to view the email and for the ransomware to infect the system. It is then thought that the ransomware and network intrusion phases are carried out over the weekend when it is less likely to be detected, therefore, increasing the encryption phase's success. 

The ransomware will work through files, encrypting them so that they become inaccessible. Once the group has everything they are looking for, they will deploy a ransom threat. These notes are usually saved to each encrypted file and named in a way that creates intrigue to attract the user.  

The ransom note usually notifies the victim of the intrusion and data encryption, provides victim-specific information about the data that was exfiltrated, and threatens to publish the data on their Tor-based leak site if the demands are not met. 

In contrast to certain groups, CL0P offers several email addresses for communication and, more recently, a link to an online chat feature on their Tor hidden service that can be used for "negotiations", instead of outlining the precise ransom amount and a cryptocurrency address for payment.   

While it might be tempting to pay the ransom or enter into a negotiation with the ransomware group, it is worth noting that it is unlikely they will supply a decryption key for your data should you meet their demands. It is, therefore, recommended that you employ a ransomware recovery specialist team, who will try to contain the attack and recover data where possible without meeting the ransom requests.  

If you suspect you are experiencing a Cl0p ransomware attack, contact us now on 01202 308818. We will dispatch a team to your site immediately.  

How to React to a Cl0p Ransomware Attack

As soon as you suspect you are under attack from a Cl0p ransomware attack, you should call Solace Cyber as soon as you can. 

We have teams across the north and south of the UK, so the same day you call, we can send a team to your site to start recovery.  

Our recovery process includes 6 steps that investigate what happened and efficiently recover your data.  

Once our incident response team arrives on-site, they will gain an understanding of what has happened and when it happened before building a bespoke Incident Response Action plan for the situation.  

With an agreed action plan set out, the Digital Forensic Incident Response team will analyse the breach, ensuring not to override any of the breach data so that it can be used as evidence in criminal prosecutions or insurance claims.  

Having completed the analysis, our on-site and remote teams will take action to limit the spread of the attack, isolating affected systems, eliminating malicious elements, and implementing protective measures such as Solace proprietary technologies.  

When the attack is under control, the Incident Response team will remove the root cause of the attack and restore systems and data where possible.  

To finish off the process, the team will write a report that details the attack and response. This report will include digital forensics that can be used as evidence, should you need it. We will also conduct an off-boarding process, where we will allow you to feedback on any areas of improvement within the process.  

Benefits of Choosing Solace Cyber

Solace Cyber are experts in recovering data from a Cl0p ransomware attack. By choosing us, you will benefit from the following:  

  • Experience and expertise - we have helped hundreds of businesses successfully recover from ransomware attacks.  

  • Accreditations - we are an Assured Service Provider by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and have several ISO accreditations.   

  • 24/7 Security Operation Centre (SOC) Service - Our security operations centre will be monitored all day, every day to enable a quick response to any situation.  

  • Digital Forensic approach - Our team can handle breach data appropriately, keeping it intact throughout the recovery process so that you can use it as evidence if and when you need it.  

  • National coverage - we have teams based across the UK, so can respond to your call swiftly, no matter where you are.  

Facing a Cl0p ransomware attack? Act fast and contact us on 01202 308818. Solace Cyber's rapid-response teams are ready to be dispatched to your site, initiating a meticulous 6-step recovery process that salvages your data where possible and restores your operations efficiently. Don't navigate this alone, trust our expertise to combat Cl0p ransomware and safeguard your business today. 

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