Lockbit & LockBit3

LockBit and LockBit3 were the most deployed ransomware strains in the UK in 2022 and continue to present the highest ransomware threat to UK organisations.

Experiencing Ransomware or Cyber Breach?

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What Will You Experience From A Lockbit Attack?

LockBit and LockBit3, the improved version of LockBit, ransomware are constantly evolving, so attacks differ slightly from case to case. However, the structure and result of each attack are almost always the same.  

LockBit and LockBit3 ransomware groups will first gain unauthorised access to your network or system through phishing emails, exploiting vulnerabilities, or using stolen credentials. As the attackers work their way through your system, they will start encrypting files so that they are inaccessible to you.  

At this point, you will be presented with a ransom note on your system; this is usually in the form of a text file or pop-up message which will explain your files are encrypted and give details of how you will be able to get the decryption key.  

LockBit and LockBit3 ransomware groups will usually request a ransom payment, most likely in cryptocurrency, in exchange for the decryption key. This will often come alongside a threat of leaking the data if the ransom is not paid within a certain timeframe.  

Under attack from LockBit or LockBit3? Call us on 01202 308818 to get a response team at your site today.  

What Should You Do If In This Position?

Swift action is the best course of action. After receiving this message, you will need to get in touch with a ransomware recovery expert, such as Solace Cyber.  

We know that a quick response is imperative in reducing the impact of the ransomware attack. We have two teams that allow us to provide national coverage, so no matter where you are, one of our teams can help. Arriving on-site the same day you make the call. 

We will dispatch the closest team the same day you make the call, arriving on your site with all the necessary recovery equipment. As soon as we get to you, we will start work on understanding exactly what has happened, when it happened and where it happened. We will assess the situation, identifying vulnerabilities, attack vectors, data loss, and system impacts. 

Once our team has a full picture of the attack, our on-site team and remote team will begin work to limit damage and prevent LockBit or LockBit3 from spreading. 

Where possible, we will work to deliver a full restoration of the affected systems and services to normal operation, making backups where possible and repairing or replacing infrastructure that was compromised.  

Once you are back up and running, we will complete a comprehensive report, going through the Digital Forensic Incident Report, which you will be able to use in any criminal prosecutions or insurance claims.  

Benefits of using Solace Ransomware Recovery

Solace Cyber are experts in dealing with high-stakes ransomware attacks from LockBit and LockBit3 ransomware groups.  

Along with our expertise, there are many benefits of using our ransomware recovery service:  

  • Experience - We have helped hundreds of businesses successfully recover from a ransomware attack - many from LockBit and LockBit3.  

  • 24/7 Security Operation Centre (SOC) Service - We manage our security operations centre all day, every day, so someone is around to deal with any situation at any time.  

  • Accreditations - We are highly accredited as an approved partner of the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and have several ISO accreditations.  

  • Our approach - While we act fast in our recovery approach, we also implement a digital forensic analysis, meaning that we don’t overwrite the forensic data from LockBit or LockBit3 as we work. This means that you have evidence for criminal prosecution or insurance claims.  

  • National coverage - We have teams in the North and South of the UK, enabling us to help you on-site no matter where you are.  

Contact us now if you believe you are under attack from LockBit or LockBit3. We will act promptly and effectively to reduce your business downtime and the impact of the attack.  

Call us on 01202 308818 or complete our form for a call back from one of our experts.  

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How prolific is Lockbit?

Similar to legitimate software companies, they continuously develop and release new malware variants, with LockBit 3.0 being their latest ransomware iteration. LockBit's impact and tactics demonstrate their adaptability.

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What Happens during an attack?

To gain access, LockBit exploits vulnerable Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) servers or acquire compromised credentials from affiliates. They also use initial access vectors, such as phishing emails containing malicious attachments or links.

Once infiltrated, LockBit executes its ransomware through command-line arguments, scheduled tasks, and/or PowerShell scripts. The malware methodically collects credentials, disables security products, and skilfully evades defences. Before advancing to the final stage of file encryption, it meticulously clears logs, often operating discreetly for days or even weeks before the breach is detected.

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